Stop Vilifying the Tool

At first, the LMS was dead.

Then, e-learning was gone forever.

Next, it was PowerPoint’s turn to be ‘officially’ declared the worst productivity tool ever.

As an industry, we seem to have this penchant for making sweeping statements about tools, platforms and terms in general. (See the irony here? I’m making a sweeping statement about our industry 😊.)

While I understand where these accusations come from, it’s hard to imagine a tool or platform being solely responsible for the outcome, either good or bad.

Granted, a typical LMS does facilitate a top-down approach to hosting and managing content, while disregarding learning in any other form. And unfortunately for many, e-learning has become synonymous with ‘boring’.

PowerPoint makes it easy to slap together slides full of bulleted lists. And animated graphs and bar charts. And cookie cutter templates. And irrelevant transitions.

Having said that, PowerPoint is but a tool. A blank canvas. The onus is on us to use it as we wish.

Want to make the presentation more effective? The answer lies in understanding the principles of persuasion and presentation science. Not in the tool we use.

As the saying goes, “A bad artist blames his brush.” Let’s not be bad artists.

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