My Purpose for Working Out Loud (#WOLWEEK)

Today is Day 1 of the International Work Out Loud Week, and here’s my first ever go at working out loud.

For those of you who are uninitiated, International Work Out Loud Week, or #WOLWEEK, is a week dedicated to the practice of working out loud. It is designed to encourage pros and novices alike to share their work openly and publicly. This process of doing so (sharing work publicly) allows people to engage in conversation to contribute and to improve each other’s work, and to grow as a community. Working out loud has proved to be a highly effective practice for individual and organizational growth.

The structure of #WOLWEEK is as below.

The first task is to share a purpose on Day 1.

So here’s my purpose – get a hang of amateur, handheld video.

The virtues of video (not the slick, professional variety, but the amateur, handheld, explainer type) are well known indeed. But I’ve always had some trouble or the other with it, less with technology and more with getting in front of the camera.

So, there you go… that is my goal for this week.

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