Stop Vilifying the Tool

At first, the LMS was dead. Then, e-learning was gone forever. Next, it was PowerPoint’s turn to be ‘officially’ declared the worst productivity tool ever. As an industry, we seem to have this penchant for making sweeping statements about tools, platforms and terms in general. (See the irony here? I’m making a sweeping statement about our industry 😊.) While I understand where these accusations come … Continue reading Stop Vilifying the Tool

Better Than Learner Personas

Personas are great. They help us ‘get into the minds’ of learners and empathize with them, paving the way for us to create something that the audience will find useful. But I’ve found that there is a drawback to this approach. No matter how detailed you make the personas, they are but character profiles, and it’s really difficult to identify with a fictional entity. Yes, … Continue reading Better Than Learner Personas

7 Questions to Ask to Create Effective E-Learning

We don’t always hear clients asking us to help them improve performance. Much like homeowners trying to design their home, people focus more on form than on function. It’s up to us designers to marry both & come up with a solution that is beautiful but at the same time, fulfils its unstated purpose. Continue reading 7 Questions to Ask to Create Effective E-Learning

The Role of Knowledge

For a few years now, the term *knowledge* has been getting a bad rap from across the spectrum. From a Learning Design perspective, we say: “In real life, no one will ask you to list the steps to perform first aid, what actually matters is that you’re able to administer first aid when the need arises.” And even in general, we tend to discourage people … Continue reading The Role of Knowledge

Duolingo Gets Both Gamification and Learning Design Right

Good gamification enhances the experience of learning something, while at the same time advancing you towards your goals. Duolingo gets this bang on, and I was recently blown over by this beautifully-designed, gamified language learning experience. This article describes my observations. Continue reading Duolingo Gets Both Gamification and Learning Design Right

Rich Learner. Poor Learner.

Evan, Laura, and Allen work in the L&D department of a large company. One morning, their manager Helen calls them into her cabin. She says “Congrats! You’re going to DevLearn in Vegas!” Celebrations ensue, and the three excitedly get ready for the journey. Before leaving, they individually make plans for the trip. Here’s what each of their plans looks like: EVAN At the end of … Continue reading Rich Learner. Poor Learner.

5 Ways To Avoid Overwhelming Learners

The deluge is upon us! Run for cover! Well, I’m not talking about an invasion or a natural calamity. I’m talking about the stuff that we are faced with every minute of every day – the torrent of information that keeps hitting us, threatening to sweep us off our feet and drown us, if we’re not careful. Ah, the curse of social media, which constantly … Continue reading 5 Ways To Avoid Overwhelming Learners

There Ain’t No Better Teacher Than A Mistake

… as long as it leads to a lesson learned. It was a series of online sessions on instructional design that I was facilitating. The audience was a smart group, comprising mostly of people from HR and talent development. Needless to say, the session was very interactive, and as I had come to expect during the series, they were questioning me and challenging me at … Continue reading There Ain’t No Better Teacher Than A Mistake